Also known as “All Quiet on the Western Front” in English. I was inspired to read this book by the 2022 film adaptation winning several Oscars and landing on my t-watch list. But because I prefer reading books first, then watching film adaptations in chronological order, I had to read this first, then I will watch the 1930 film (which also won two Academy Awards), and then finally the 2022 one.

I was a bit afraid of reading a long novel written in 100-years-ago German, but the language was actually quite approachable, except for military terms and slang, of which there was plenty.

The story is about a group of young German boys sent to fight on the Western front in WWI and how their souls get crushed and most of them killed. The depiction of the horrors of war are detailed and very vivid, which makes this a rather disturbing read. This actually makes me a bit afraid of watching it on film.

Anyway, a great classic everyone should read, and fuck war!

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