Stumbled upon this book after watching Lamb and researching what other movies Noomi Rapace has played in.

An extremely long but never boring story featuring a bunch of sicko rapist murderers, some not refraining from incest. The author loves describing details, be that computer specs or rape scenes. The post-climax aftermath is so long it’s worth a short story in itself. Still, the storyline is dosing the suspense so perfectly the book made me keep reading until very late in the night. Some evenings I had trouble falling asleep because of the adrenaline.

There is even some dry and bitter humor in it, the kind I like a lot. I don’t know if that was supposed to be a joke but the characters drink enormous amounts of coffee all the time. But maybe that’s a thing they do in Sweden.

First time ever I compared the English and German translations before buying the book and found the English one meh and went for German by Wibke Kuhn. (There was also something weird about the English translation acronyms like “T.V.”, “I.T.”, “C.E.O.” and roman numbers with lowercase letters like “x.ii”. Maybe it’s just me who gets distracted by details like these…)

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